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About Us


Escape It! Auburn is located on the west side of the courthouse square, 109 South Main Street Auburn, Indiana.

It is our goal to provide an interesting and exciting experience for family, friends or co-workers that engages observational skills and logical thinking to complete a chosen scenario. 

Solve puzzles, uncover hidden clues and escape before the 60 - minute time limit runs out! ​Communicate and work together with your team and enjoy the experience. 

No, you are not really "locked" in a room if you need to leave the room at any point during the game, you can step out. Cell phones, weapons, cameras, food, drinks and some other items are not allowed in the room. We offer secure bins to store your items during your adventure. 

It's OK if you don't escape in time- your game guide will meet you at the end. It's exciting if you successfully escaped but if you don't manage to make it out during the first attempt- it gives you a goal to work towards the next time you come and play!

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We have always maintained high standard in escape game maintenance with regular cleaning and sanitizing and will continue to do so. Some protocols that are set in place:


1. All guests and staff have access to handwashing facility as well as hand sanitizer. 

2. Sanitization of the Room & Props is completed after each game along with daily cleaning of all rooms and common areas. 

3. Staff Communication

We are in frequent communication with our team to ensure quick response to situations and further clarification of cleaning standards and updates. 


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